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With its headquarters in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA. Farrali Group of Companies provides superior trading and services in the health care and beauty product industries, biotechnology, research and development, manufacturing and event management, serving both the domestic and international market. Farrali Group of Companies brings a fresh and innovative approach in trading and services, acting as responsible group of companies to the consumers, customers and users in the global market.

As expert in the integrative medicine and with the support within research and development in bio-technology and medical advances. Farrali Group of Companies is involved in every stage within the healthcare industry from the operations of health care hospital to research and development including manufacturing of health and beauty product, medical equipment and biotechnology products.

The Farrali Group of Companies’ history dates back to 2000 when the Founder, Dr Mohd Ghouse Mohd Noor and his spouse, Mrs Nuridah Abu Bakar established Farrali Industries that deals in general trading of cosmetic product. The investment in shareholding of Farrali Afiat, a company focused on the integrative healthcare clinic, resulted in a major change in the directorate, direction and dynamic growth of Farrali Group. Today, the Group has a total employee strength of approximately 15 and is a diversified entity engaged in the following care businesses:

  • Healthcare;
  • Hospitality;
  • International Trade;
  • Manufacturing.

The Group has been in existences since 2005 and has transformed progressively over the years to become an established group of companies with businesses operating locally and internationally.