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What is angina?
Angina is chest pain or discomfort you get when your heart muscle does not get enough blood. It may feel like pressure or a squeezing pain in your chest.

What causes angina?
Angina is most frequently the result of underlying coronary artery disease. The coronary arteries supply the heart with oxygen rich blood. When cholesterol aggregates on the artery wall and hard plaques form, the artery narrows. It is increasingly difficult for oxygen rich blood to reach the heart muscle as these arteries become too narrow. In addition, damage to the arteries from other factors (such as smoking and high levels of fat or sugar in the blood) can cause plaque to build up where the arteries are damaged. These plaques narrow the arteries or may break off and form blood clots that block the arteries.

What are the symptoms of angina?

How to treat angina?
Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) therapy decreases angina pectoris (chest pain). During EECP treatment, new collaterals form for oxygenated blood to flow throughout the arterial system. At the same time, hormones are secreted that help dilate/open arteries for blood to circulate. As a result, numerous clinical research studies exist proving EECP helps decrease the symptoms of angina pectoris.

EECP has been proven to:
 Treat/improve ischemic (diseased) heart tissue
 Improve the effects of angina pectoris (chest pain)
 Positively improve congestive heart failure
 Promote regeneration of organs
 Stimulate angiogenesis (growth of new arteries)
 Eliminate/reduce angina pectoris (chest pain)
 Reduce/reverse arterial stiffness (blood pressure)
 Improve neuro-hormones
 Improve function of endothelial (arterial) system
 Have long-term, sustained effects

How is EECP performed?

1. The patient’s systole and diastole of the heart is measured by placing three ECG stickers on the patient’s chest.
2. The patient is required to lie down on a bed.
3. The patient’s calves, thighs and buttocks are wrapped around with blood pressure cuffs.
4. When the heart relaxes at the precise time of diastole, the cuffs start inflating from the calves, moving upwards to the buttocks. This leads to a counter pulsation of the blood.
5. When the heart contracts, the cuffs quickly deflate and relax. The sensation may feel like a firm massage.

How does EECP increase the blood flow?
• Dilating blood vessels – small blood vessels enlarge
• Opening dormant blood vessels lying closed since birth
• Angiogenesis – forming new blood vessels (collaterals)

Collateral circulation – formation of network of tiny blood vessels, which make it possible for blood to detour around blocked or narrow arteries, is called collateral circulation. However the development of collateral circulation is a gradual process and not everyone has the same ability to develop these networks at the rate that will relieve angina. EECP treatment triggers and accelerates this collateral circulation and makes it permanent.

EECP is responsible for:
• Augmented diastolic pressure and retrograde aortic flow that increase myocardial perfusion
• Systolic unloading reduces cardiac workload and oxygen requirements
• Increased venous return, coupled with enhanced systolic flow, increases cardiac output

Duration of procedure:
• One to two hours per session.

Days admitted:
• EECP is performed as an outpatient procedure.

• None.

• EECP is known to benefit patients with results similar to angioplasty and bypass surgery. Significant improvements are noticed after EECP among 80% of the patients.
• As EECP does not completely prevent recurrent coronary artery disease, the patient needs to make lifestyle changes and take the prescribed medications.

• EECP is a safe treatment. A side effect that may result is chafing and leg pain due to the compression caused by the cuffs.

“EECP is now available in Kuala Lumpur. Find out more about EECP from your doctor. Contact us today for a free consultation and a trial session”.

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NAME/NAMA:  Halili Bin Ishak                                                                                        
AGE/UMUR :  55


PHONE/NO. TELEFON :  019-5031969

DISEASES/PENYAKIT :  Coronary Artery Diseases (CAD)/

Jantung Tersumbat


Health records before treatment/Rekod Kesihatan Sebelum Rawatan

5 years ago I have been experienced shortness of breath and was admitted twice to the Penang Hospital and at the beginning of 2013 I had another attack was more serious than before and was admitted to the CCU, the National Heart Institute (IJN). The doctor confirmed that   have 3 clogged heart vessels. The Doctor advised me to undergo  a by-pass surgery immediately. I have asked to postponed the surgery at my own risk. I started looking and tried some alternative treatments to treat my heart problem. Various treatment methods I’ve tried, but the results are not that effective. I also have spent thousands of dollars for treatment until finally I was introduced to a method of treatment called EECP Therapy.

5 tahun yang lalu saya telah mengalami sesak nafas dan dimasukkan ke Hospital Pulau Pinang sebanyak 2 kali dan pada awal tahun 2013 sekali lagi saya diserang sesak nafas yang lebih serius dan telah dimasukkan ke wad CCU, Institut Jantung Negara. Doktor mengesahkan 3 saluran jantung saya tersumbat. Doktor menasihati saya supaya membuat “by pass” dengan segera. Saya telah meminta ditangguhkan dahulu atas risiko sendiri. Saya mula mencari dan mencuba beberapa rawatan alternatif untuk merawat masalah jantung saya. Berbagai-bagai kaedah rawatan yang telah saya cuba namun hasilnya tidak berapa berkesan. Saya juga telah menghabiskan puluhan ribu ringgit untuk rawatan tersebut sehinggalah akhirnya saya diperkenalkan dengan suatu kaedah rawatan yang dipanggil “EECP Therapy”.  

After treatment/Selepas Rawatan

I found out the information on EECP treatment from the internet. Apart from that,  I have referred and seek advice from doctors and professional consultant who are more expert and knowledgeable. After feeling confident about the information I received from various sources,  I tried and undergo this EECP treatment. After a few therapy sessions, I started to get the confident and it’s show a very positive results and I proceed further EECP therapy until I have completed the required  35 session. The result was very impressive. I felt like I was given a new heart and more importantly EECP treatment is done without pain, without surgery, without hospitalization and medicines. It was far lower cost than bypass surgery. In addition, it is the most effective and safe treatment  with no side effects, but not only it give you a healthy heart but my whole blood circulation system is in a perfect condition.

Saya mencari sedikit pengetahuan dari internet tentang rawatan EECP. Saya telah merujuk dan mendapatkan khidmat nasihat dari doktor dan perunding professional  yang lebih pakar dan arif. Setelah merasa yakin barulah saya mencuba dan menjalani kaedah rawatan EECP ini. Setelah beberapa sesi terapi, saya telah mula merasa yakin dan hasilnya sangat positif dan saya teruskan lagi terapi EECP ini sehingga tamat iaitu sebanyak 35 sesi dan hasilnya sangat-sangat menakjubkan. Saya seolah-olah telah diberi satu jantung baru dan yang lebih penting kaedah rawatan EECP ini dibuat tanpa kesakitan, tanpa pembedahan, tanpa hospitalisasi dan ubat-ubatan. Kosnya pula jauh lebih rendah dari pembedahan pintasan jantung atau “by-pass”. Selain itu juga, ianya adalah kaedah yang paling berkesan dan selamat tanpa kesan sampingan, malah bukan saja menyihatkan jantung, keseluruhan sistem perjalanan darah secara keseluruhan dalam keadaan sempurna.



NAME/NAMA: Pn. Siti Rohana Bt. Din



PHONE/NO. TELEFON : 014-3063643

DISEASES/PENYAKIT : Diabetes and Hypertension/
Kencing Manis dan Darah Tinggi


Health Records Before Treatment/Rekod Kesihatan Sebelum Rawatan

I have diabetes which I have experienced symptoms such as tiredness/exhaustion, frequent urination and thirst. I also have difficulty sleeping (insomnia), asthma and chronic hypertension to an average reading of 150/90 to 210/120.

Saya mengalami penyakit kencing manis dimana simptom-simptom yang saya alami seperti cepat letih, kerap membuang air kecil dan sentiasa dahaga. Saya juga mengalami kesukaran tidur ( imsomnia), asma dan darah tinggi yang kronik sehingga purata bacaan antara 150/90 sehingga 210/120.

After Treatment/Selepas Rawatan

I underwent EECP treatment of 35 sessions with 30 minutes per session at “Klinik Farrali Afiat, Penang”. The diabetes that I had, now can be controlled. After the 15th session, my hypertension has been reduced to normal. Numbness that I felt in the limbs had disappeared. I can sleep well during the night. I felt less fatigue during the day.

Saya telah menjalani rawatan EECP sebanyak 35 sesi atau 30 minit per sesi di Klinik Farrali Afiat Penang. Kencing manis yang saya hadapi sebelum ini sudah boleh dikawal. Pada sesi ke 15 sahaja darah tinggi saya telah kembali seperti biasa. Kebas-kebas yang saya rasai di kaki kembali normal. Begitu juga dengan masalah tidur saya,  kini sudah dapat diatasi dan semakin kurang keletihan yang saya alami.




NAME/NAMA:  Abd. Aziz b. Abd. Majid

AGE/UMUR :  50


PHONE/NO. TELEFON :  014-2528571

DISEASES/PENYAKIT : Angina and Coronary Artery Diseases (CAD)/Angina dan Jantung Tersumbat



Health records before treatment/Rekod Kesihatan Sebelum Rawatan

I suffer from angina and heart blockage. With this condition, I will experience chest pain and tiredness/fatigue when doing overactive activities such as move up and down the stairs and such . Apart from that I also had diabetes and hypertension. Consequences of these diseases, I often have symptoms such as tiredness and sleepiness, body aches and sore feet.

Saya mengalami masalah angina dan jantung tersumbat. Keadaan ini menyebabkan saya mengalami sakit dada dan cepat penat apabila terlalu aktif bergerak misalnya menaiki tangga dan sebagainya. Selain itu saya juga menghidapi penyakit kencing manis dan darah tinggi. Akibat dari penyakit-penyakit tersebut saya kerap kali mengalami simptom seperti cepat letih dan mengantuk, lenguh-lenguh dan sakit kaki.     

After treatment/Selepas Rawatan

I had EECP treatment of 35 sessions with 45 minutes per session for heart problems that I face. After the 20th session, I am now experiencing an increase of perfect health and comfort in breathing when active and doing heavy work. Aches and leg pain is gone. I now do not get tired and did not experience any pain.

Saya diberikan rawatan EECP sebanyak 35 sesi atau 45 minit per sesi untuk masalah jantung yang saya hadapi. Setelah sesi yang ke 20, saya kini mengalami peningkatan kesihatan yang sempurna dari segi pernafasan yang selesa apabila bergerak aktif dan melakukan kerja-kerja berat. Lenguh-lenguh dan sakit kaki juga telah hilang. Saya kini sudah tidak letih dan mengalami kesakitan lagi.



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  1. kos utk scan RM300 (echo), utk treatment satu sesi RM350…total sesi kena buat adalah sebanyak 35 sesi

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