Farrali Aviation Sdn Bhd


Farrali Aviation Sdn Bhd. One of the subsidiaries under Farrali Group of Companies.

The General Aviation entity based at Penang International Airport, Bayan Lepas. The service provider in aircraft charter for Medivac services and passenger charter. Our team consists of expertise in medical and aviation services. Actively support the medical tourism industry through our business services.

Business Background

Under Medivac scope of services, we provide a comprehensive emergency and non-emergency first class air ambulance services. The aircraft we are using sufficiently equipped with built in oxygen, suction, air compressor and inverter. Managed and maintained by highly trained flight and paramedic crews. We will ensure that patients are served at the highest level of aero medical bedside to bedside care at the most cost effective price. Our capabilities are supported by our 24 hours Flight Coordination Centre staffed by air ambulance specialists and aviation support personnel. Our flight time are tailored to customer’s requirements.


Short form of medical evacuation, where it is the efficient and fastest movement and en route care provided by medical personnel to patient being transported to receive medical facilities for further treatment. It could be patients that are very ill due to diseases, or emergency patients due to nature disasters or accidents or even non emergency patients which requires inter facilities transfer. The technique is to bring doctor to patient and patient to hospital from remote areas. Technically, the aircraft are equipped with stretcher being fixed to cabin to accommodate ill and weak patients and also accompanying doctor, nurses and family members. Can also be used to transport time sensitive goods such as vital transplant human organ donated to the receiving patient at the awaiting hospital.

Our Services

Provide ground ambulance from the originating and destination hospital to the airports and utilize the medivac aircraft to transfer the patients. Experienced support centre and on site team which provides round the clock updates and address the logistical issues. There are 1-3 seats available for family members to accompany the patient. We will coordinate for smooth CIQ clearance at both arrival and departing airports including family members accompanying the patient.

Able to handle en route emrgency and critical care cases such as trauma care, spinal / head injury, poisoning and burns, and others. Our operations are not confined to well equipped airports only , our aircraft’s being capable of operating from short grass or dirt strip within 300 meters long, widening the vast possibility of operations.

  • 24 hours, 365 days of services.
  • Direct billing to insurance company (ISOS).
  • Extensive domestic and international experience.
  • Cost effective pricing.

Warm and compassionate hospitality for non emergency transportation of patients which requires inter-facilities transfer, with traveling time set at their own preferred time (provided under passenger charter services).

For Further Information An Medivac Services Please Contact:

In penang

Mr. Shamas Shariff  (Tel : 019 4727 141, Email : shamas@farrali.com.my)
Mr. Jamil Mahmud  (Tel : 016 4217 122, Email : jamil@farrali.com.my)

In Kuala Lumpur

Mr. Rosli Amran  (Tel : 016 3559 105, Email : rosli@farrali.com.my)
Dr. Mohd Ghouse Mohd Noor   (Tel : 012 2268 786, Email : drghouse@farrali.com.my)

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