Farrali Industries


Located in the outskirt of Kuala Lumpur, in Setiawangsa Business Suites, Taman Setiawangsa, Farrali Industries was founded in 2000 by Nuridah Abu Bakar as its sole proprietor.

Now assisted by Mohd Ghouse Mohd Noor the husband of the founder, Farrali Industries Sdn Bhd is in its fourth year of development and progress.

Nuridah and Ghouse became involved full time in the family business in 2002, both of them graduated from the Indiana State University, Terre Haute Indiana USA.

For the first year, Nuridah  worked as a trader and agent for an Indonesian company supplying cosmetics products to multi level marketing companies in Malaysia. The Indonesian company with the trade name “Ibu Soraya Cosmetics” ceased operations in 2001 due to political unrest in Indonesia. Nuridah repositioned the company to focus on research and development for a new product to replace Ibu Soraya’s product. (Later in the early of 2004, Ibu Soraya resumed its business and Farrali once again became the sole distributor for international market.)

Towards the end of 2002, teaming up with her husband who is in the healthcare and medical services industry, they developed the ozonated olive oil as a new therapeutic product.

A new product, the ozonated olive oil was tested in Farrali Medicare’s clinic, a sister company, where patients with chronic skin problems and diabetic wounds complication received treatment and application using the oil.

An encouraging good result of the treatment leads to laboratory research and testing done with private microbiological labs locally and overseas including an ongoing research with a local university. Through this research and development process, both end up gaining valuable formulation and production experience.

Product and Services

Company Focus

In the year 2003, the company went a step further. After extensive research, the company developed its first cosmetics product line with ozonated olive oil as its product base. These cosmetics are the first of its kind in the world. Farrali Industries are now focused and believed that this niche market in cosmetics applications could bring the company to a greater height of success. Together with the ozonated olive oil products, Farrali also focused on the development of honey based health food product. Currently there are three items on the health food product line that is ready to enter the market which is Honey King, Honey Queen and Honey Junior.

Farrali Industries is also looking forward to introduce its homeopathy and homeotoxicology products utilizing the Electro Magnetic Molecular Signaling technology (EMS) into the global market pending the completion of research that is currently ongoing with universities and laboratories locally and abroad.

Our Products

As mentioned earlier, Farrali Industries has developed its first cosmetics product line with ozonated olive oil as its main ingredient base. The two main product are:

  • Farrali Therapeutic Ozonium Serum- Medical Grade
  • Farrali Therapeutic Ozonium Serum- Skin and Scalp Care

Farrali Health Food range includes:

  • Farrali Honey King
  • Farrali Honey Queen
  • Farrali Honey Junior
  • Lactose Edible Grade using EMS technology
  • Homeopathy and homeotoxicology products