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Industrial Market

For the industrial market segment, FOZTech provides a complete ozone treatment system for swimming pools and spas, laundry systems, aquaculture, agriculture, industrial cooling towers, sewage and municipal and many other applications. The ozone treatment system will best replace the usage of chemical and toxic substances which are being used in the normal conventional treatment systems currently. Under our customize solution, FOZTech will study, design, install, execute and commission the ozone treatment system case by case and monitor closely the application to ensure that the user gain the optimum benefits.


Ozonated Pools System

FOZTech provides solution for home pool owner as well as institutional an industrial pool owner. Hotels, schools, university and colleges, theme parks, and other facilities that accommodate a swimming pool, Jacuzzi or water recreational facility will benefit from the application of ozone as a treatment catalyst instead of chemical.

Other Industrial Application

Other industrial applications are in its final stage of being introduced to the market. This includes but not limited to laundry systems, aquaculture, agriculture, industrial cooling towers, sewage and municipal and many other applications.

Consumer Market

For the consumer market, FOZTech has established through its sister company, Farrali Industries, a range of ozone related consumer products namely the ozonizer, ozonated olive oil, ozonated gel for skin and scalp treatment and ozonated gel for medical application. Through a restructuring and re-branding process, all of the product will be re-position and introduced back to the market through FOZTech.

In addition there a number of newly innovated and beneficial products that will be added to the consumer market product line, this included the Ozonizer, ozonated olive oil, ozone on tap, car ozonizer and other related products.

Farrali Ozonic Ozonizer

This product is one of the best selling products that were introduced to the market. Well known for its ability to detoxify and oxidizes hazardous and dangerous chemicals and substance that comes along with food and products that we purchase for consumption. Daily food supplies such as fish, poultry, meat and vegetable produce could be easily cleanse using the ozonizer and eliminate the possibility of intoxicating our body with harmful chemical and substance.

Ozonated Olive Oil

For years, ozonated olive oil has been known to provide numerous solutions to skin related problems. Reading materials and research documents are abundance on the net on this subject and needs no further elaboration. Ozonated olive oil provides solution to eczema, rashes, and other skin related products without causing any side effects. We are in the midst of introducing ozonated olive oil in soft gel for consumption. Research and development are in progress with a local university in pursuing product efficacies and efficiency before final product is being introduced to the market.

Ozone on Tap

This innovative product provide for a solution well sought after by most home consumer. The system is an answer to tap water treatment that ensures the elimination of harmful bacteria, virus, fungus and other substance and chemicals like chlorine heavy metals etc that comes together through the tap water once it’s turn on. The system provides for “when needed” ozone supply through its innovative “turbine power that generate ozone on site”. This product is a must for every household and we believed that the market for this product is very promising.
It is Japanese patented high-tech product, which utilizes water pressure to drive jet turbine at a high speed to generate electricity, and so ozone water is produced. It is applicable to different taps for transforming running water into ozone water without power and troublesome wire. And it is totally new environmental friendly and energy saving product.

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