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Mutiara Healthtech Sdn Bhd, established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the year 2008 is a member of a multi-national group of businesses whose goal is to provide, through its companies, products and services that are unique, innovative and affordable. Its companies operate across the world and span the development, healthcare, agriculture, information technology, hospitality, bio-fuel, manufacturing, and international trading industries. The group embraces an entrepreneurial spirit that encourages employee creativity to fuel the advancement of each company’s products and services and takes advantage of emerging business opportunities that a “flat world” economy presents.

Through recent development, and under the guidance and advisory of Yg.Bhg Datuk Bahadon Ariffin, Mutiara Healthtech has developed a proposal to the state of Perak. The Perak Medi Super Corridor is dubbed to be the first integrated development that focuses on the healthcare aspect as the back bone of its total development plan.


We are the leading diabetic and cancer care centre in the region, which focus on international market and local patients as well, providing world class health-tourism facilities while capitalizing on Malaysia’s most precious asset – HOSPITALITY


Our mission is to exceed the expectations of every clientele by offering outstanding customer services, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing the development of the healthcare industry, bio-technology, and medical technology and thus improving the value of health and the quality of life. Our research and development associates are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional services.

Through Mutiara Healthtech Sdn Bhd, the company plans to expand its business scope to include a more comprehensive business approach through the integration of possible ways and means to achieve its mission and objective.


Mutiara Healthtech Sdn Bhd has a mission to provide Perak residents and its Malaysian and international clientele with the best healthcare services available while focusing on its expertise in diabetic and cancer care. Mutiara Healthtech primary goal is to deliver these services through successful and proven medical methodology. To fulfill its vision, Mutiara Healthtech intends to develop and operate a new, what Mutiara Healthtech refers to as, Perak Medi Super Corridor (PMSC).

The PMSC project is a one of its kind, healthcare facility that offers a one stop solution to travelling patients and families. The facility will comprise of a specialist hospital, a wellness center and a hotel. The integrative approach of allied medicine enables PMSC to offer various packages for both local and international patients and their families.

PMSC practices and offers both modern and integrative medicine as a holistic healthcare service. It integrates treatment modalities that are not common to the conventional healthcare methods. The treatments comprise of established therapies and therapeutic methods adopted from Europe, India, China and other parts of the world. The integrated facility pays special attention to the importance of the surrounding and the atmosphere where the treatment will take place are in line with PMSC’s health tourism objectives.

Created to offer tools for individuals, groups and executives to work and live healthier,       PMSC is a facility unmatched anywhere in this region. In the remarkable and luxurious setting of 4 Star resorts, a team of health and wellness experts from the medical, nutrition, fitness and life balance disciplines, offer exclusive diagnostics, education, and inspiration. To top it all, 200 rooms of 4 Star hotel will provide comfortable accommodation to guest and patients visiting PMSC.

The unique selling proposition of our healthcare service, in particular the health tourism market, is our readiness to attract both foreign and local clientele. The concept of a hospital resort is new in this part of the world. Our special approach and focus towards treatment and healing of diabetic and cancer complications are also a service that one cannot find elsewhere in this region.

The hospital resort will provide high quality services that any other reputable hospital would. A full fledge medical facility, with a state of the art and latest equipment and technology to enhance the services and treatment provided. The component will consists of a 120-bedded full fledged modern facilities hospital, a wellness centre as the complementary medicine wing and also a hotel for the accommodation purposes.

Apart from providing specialties in cancer and diabetic treatment, the other selling proposition would be our integrative wing that will provide patient with the possibility to combine the complementary treatment and therapy like acupuncture, traditional Chinese, Indian, Malay and other therapeutic modalities like Far Infrared treatment, Homeopathy, massage therapy, chiropractic, music or sound therapy, color therapy and many others. To top it all the resort setting with accommodation facility that fits a four star hotel will definitely enhance the already outstanding features of our Hospital Resort. The unique aspect of the Hospital Resort is its positioning, as a one of its kind, type of setup in this region. Focusing on diabetic and cancer care, the set-up provides new avenue in treatment and therapeutics.

On top of that, the resort facility will be an added value feature of the hospital. Imagine having a hospital, with a full fledge facility that is able to diagnose, treat and attend to all types of ailment and disease, and in certain cases, integrates the treatment with complementary modalities to speed up healing and treat ailments on a holistic approach, in a resort type of environment that will pamper patients and their family during their stay.

Besides focusing on treatment services, PMSC also provides facilities for learning and research centre in medical field. There will be an International University, Middlesex University, UK, Malaysia Branch being set up as  part of the major components in the PMSC development. This institution offer the best learning facilities in its own area which enable students to have better knowledge and understanding, either theoretically or practically.

Presently, there is a rise in the numbers of foreign patients seeking healthcare and medical services in Malaysia. This is largely due to the increase in healthcare cost and the long waiting periods to get treatment in their country.

Therefore there is a large influx of health tourist, as they are known, into Malaysia. Unlike our hospital resort, most hospitals and medical centers worldwide only provides the medical services, without providing any alternative choices in the form of other integrative treatment modalities to their clientele.

Furthermore, there is no other health tourism establishment in the region that provides clientele with the resort setting of a hospital. We will be the first to establish this kind of set up in the region while staying focused on the treatment of diabetic and cancer care.

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